Donating Wish List

Wish List

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Please note that for the health of our animals, we prefer new items. However, if you have a good quality used item, it must be clean and disinfected to protect the health of the animals in our care.  Thank you for your donations!

Thank you for thinking of the Edmonton Humane Society. Below are the items that are in need. If the item is in red, we are in urgent need of it. Thank you again and we appreciate your support!

Paradise Pet Centre, 580 Saint Albert Trail, St. Albert offers a 20% discount to those buying supplies for the EHS. If you purchase and donate supplies there, they will gladly deliver it to our shelter.



Pet Food 

  • Training treats, such as hot dogs and other soft treats with aromas dogs love
  • Meow mix wet food - seafood variety
  • Pigs ears  
  • Dry Friskies cat food
  • Friskies wet cat food
  • Fancy Feast wet cat food
  • Wet Dog Food - Cesar's, Beneful, Pedigree, etc.
  • Dry Whiskas cat food
  • Dry Whiskas kitten food
  • Prescription A/D canned food  or Medi-Cal
  • Soft packaged pet treats
  • Chicken or beef broth
  • Human baby food

Pet Care Supplies

  • Easy walkers*
  • Grooming clippers
  • Harnesses (L & XL) 
  • Thundershirts (M)
  • Dog appeasing pheromone spray 
  • NON-CLUMPING cat litter 
  • Leashes (6" nylon or double nylon or chain)*
  • Grooming clippers and/or blades
  • Timothy hay (for rabbits & guinea pigs)
  • Rodent bedding (please no shavings)
  • Stainless steel lasagna pans - 12" by 24 " (for cat litter boxes)
  • Large plastic cat litter boxes (without tops)
  • Plastic litter scoops (small and large)
  • New cat scratch towers (new only)
  • New cushioned pillow beds for cats or dogs (cleaned)
  • Exercise pens
  • New brushes for cats and dogs (new only)
  • New Martingale collars all sizes
  • Rawhide (Costco – Beefeaters 30 in a package)
  • Old Newspaper
  • Blankets 

Maintenance Needs 

  • Zip-ties
  • Tooth brushes (preferably hard bristle, but any will do)
  • Recycle bags
  • 2 picnic tables
  • Honda generator

Medical Supplies 

  • Food weigh scale
  • Surgical masks
  • Hibitane, hydrogen peroxide, betadine
  • New scrubs tops and bottoms all sizes
  • Lab Coats
  • Incubator
  • All size syringes
  • Needles (25 – 18 gauge, up to 1 ½ inches long)
  • Puppy & kitten milk replacement
  • Medical  Nitro or latex gloves
  • Various Medical Equipment – please call 
  • Hi-grade stethoscopes 
  • Cash donations to the Sick & Injured Animal Fund are always welcome and appreciated

Cleaning Supplies 

  • Bug Spray  
  • Liquid dish soap 
  • Plastic garbage bags (large size/heavy duty)
  • Orange or Blue garbage bags (heavy duty)
  • Plastic bags (poop bags) 
  • Paper towels

Pet Enrichment

Please no dog toys smaller than 4” in diameter
Hollow plastic Easter eggs
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Muffin trays
  • Kong wobblers 
  • Rolls of carpet
  • Hollow plastic easter eggs
  • Cat Toys - especially plastic balls with bells inside *
  • Cat size Kongs SM
  • Catnip
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Soft treats for training
  • Kongs Large size only*
  • Dog Puzzles - treat balls or cubes *
  • Nyla bones - all sizes but mostly small required
  • Wieners - Chicken, beef, turkey hot dog
  • Chicken and Beef broth 
  • Stuffed toys (larger sizes no beans, batteries no plastic )
  • Rabbit toys 
  • Rawhide (Costco – Beefeaters 30 in a package)
  • Fleece or Flannel Fabric
  • Spray air fresheners with interesting scents
  • Hol-ee Rollers *
  • We currently do not need stuffed toys (larger sizes and no beanie babies) - part of our Stuffies for Puppies Program)


Office Supplies

  • Glue sticks 
  • Photocopy paper (8½x11, 8½x14,11x17)
  • Photo grade and card stock paper
  • Scotch tape & Packing Tape &scissors
  • Laminating supplies (all sizes)
  • Thermal debit rolls (2 ¼” x 75”)
  • Pens (and dry erase markers)
  • Batteries (AA, C, D and 9 Volt)
  • Label making supplies - White tape, black ink tape, Brother TZ 3.5mm-24mm tape
  • Children’s craft supplies (construction paper, glue, felt markers, children’s’ scissors, etc.)
  • Printer Ink: 64A HP; 36A HP; Dell 926; 49X HP; 12A HP; 05AHP; 96A HP; 15A HP; Lexmark X1270; Lexmark  E240; Brother TN550; Canon Pixma MP150
    Tubes for rolling pennies

Special Items 

  • Smartboard
  • GoPro video camera  
  • Enviro (Green) Shopping Bags
  • Memory cards
  • Free oil change certificates  
  • Spa/Tranquil music CDs
  • Books about dogs, cats or other small animals. Utilized by our library or our Educational Department - (please call 780-491-3504 first)
  • Rubber boots all sizes
  • 3.6 cubic foot chest freezer, any brand. 
  • Golf cart
  • Gift Cards: (Wal-Mart, Staples, Home Depot, Canadian Tire - Rona)
  • Canadian Tire money (used to purchase building maintenance supplies)
  • Donate your HBC Reward Points
  • Convert your MasterCard to an Edmonton Humane Society MasterCard

Kuranda Beds

(Donate on-line

  • Dog and cat beds and bunk beds
  • Large 40" by 25"
  • Medium 35" by 23"
  • Toy 24" by 16"


  • Items for silent auctions (artwork/services/pet related items, etc.)
  • Sponsors for special events

Note: Surplus donated items will be placed in our pet supply store for sale or will be distributed to other rescue organizations.  

Cash Donations are also always appreciated to help us care for the animals.  

Thank you for your support to help us care for
over 13,000 animals that come into the shelter each year...

You are making a difference!

Thank you for all your generous donations. We want to ensure that all donations are used, but sometimes we receive donations that we don't need and it costs us to dispose of them.  

We currently DO NOT need:

  • Towels
  • Pillows
  • Stuffies