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Prevent Another Litter Subsidy (PALS) Program




The Problem

The most critical issue facing pets in Alberta today is finding enough permanent, loving homes for them all.  Pet overpopulation is a tragic problem.  Each and every year, shelters and rescue groups in Alberta admit hundreds of thousands of companion animals, and countless others are offered in newspapers and online as “free to a good home”.  It’s not hard to figure out that there are simply not enough homes to be found.

Many people who breed their pets believe they aren't adding to the pet overpopulation problem if they find good homes for all their puppies or kittens.  But consider this:

When people have babies, they usually have only one baby at a time.  When dogs and cats have babies, they usually have litters of between two and six puppies and kittens!

By age five, a female dog and her female offspring can produce 192 puppies (assuming two females per litter and two litters per year).  And this doesn't include all of the offspring produced by her male puppies.

Humans simply do not reproduce at these outrageous rates.  Nor does every human born want a puppy. This adds up to a great deal of unwanted puppies and dogs in our community. 


The Prevent Another Litter Subsidy (PALS) Program

The EHS is committed to reducing our community’s homeless pet population through offering financial assistance for families that do not have the means to spay or neuter their animals.

We hope that at least 1,200 animals in our community will be prevented from having unwanted offspring during 2013. The PALS program began in June 2012, and is limited to dogs and cats only.  While it is equally important to have both species spayed and neutered, the sad reality is that there are far more homeless cats in our community than dogs, thus there are more places for cats in the PALS program than dogs.

Be a part of the solution to the pet overpopulation crisis. Book an appointment before your pet has their first or second litter. For the health of your pets. For the thousands of animals who don’t have homes. Prevent another litter, TODAY!


 PetSmart Charities has provided funding to target cats living in neighbourhoods within the T5H postal code (McCauley neighbourhood). Program priority will be given to these pets. 






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