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Barn Buddies

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Cats who are surrendered to the Edmonton Humane Society due to issues with urinating outside their litter box in their home will now have a second chance.



Previously considered “unadoptable” due to this destructive behavior, EHS is piloting a program that gives these cats the chance to live as mousers in selected farm, barn, or shop situations. Before adoption these cats will have received a health check, vaccinations, a microchip, deemed not aggressive and easy to handle, and be spayed or neutered. While there are some risks living in this environment, it offers these cats a second chance.


Donations are always appreciated, however, the cats will be available at no cost to individuals who offer them the opportunity to live in a rural, farm, or shop environment.


Prospective adopters must register with us online or by calling us at 780-471-1774 and meet the basic criteria of:

  • Picking up the cat within 24 hours of receiving a call; space is limited in our shelter.

  • Must have protective enclosure for the cat to easily enter.

  • Must be willing to feed the cat each day; these animals cannot be expected to live on what they may or may not catch.

  • Must be willing to continue veterinary care as required and continue with vaccine protection.

  • De-clawed cats will be considered for the program, on the condition that the adopter provides adequate protection from predators and has no expectation of them becoming a sound mouser (although many do).


Barn Buddies Application Form

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Print, fill out and fax to: 780-479-8946