Donating Giving to the Sick/Injured Animal Fund

Giving to the Sick/Injured Animal Fund

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Sick & Injured Animal Fund
Hydrotherapy with Raz

(Above is 6 month old Annabelle who came into the EHS with a bandage on her front left leg.  When medical staff members took the bandage off, most of the leg fell off.  The poor girl was rushed into surgery to amputate what was left and to stop her suffering.  She recovered well and is now enjoying life in her "forever home".  This life-saving operation is all thanks to generous donations to the EHS' Sick & Injured Animal Fund.)

A growing number of animals like Annabelle require much more involved surgery/care than we are able to provide independently at the Edmonton Humane Society shelter. We are able to assist many animals during their spay or neuter surgery, but a large number of sick or injured animals require specialized equipment or services available only at private veterinarian clinics. This fund has recently been almost depleted as we have helped several animals with expensive medical challenges. There is a growing concern that we may be unable to help an animal in need due to a lack of resources. This is not a position that we want to be in. With your help, we can ensure that the Sick & Injured Animal Fund is always available when there is a need for emergency medical care.

Please consider making a contribution to the Sick and Injured Animal Fund. Click here and then select the option of donating to the Injured Animal Fund.

Many animals will benefit from your generosity in the upcoming months.