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Adoption Update: Dakota the Dog

Adopting a shelter or rescue pet can have its challenges, especially when their history is unknown. However, the rewards can be more than we ever imagined. Recently we received this incredible update from the family of EHS pet Dakota, who was adopted from us six years ago... "For anyone on the fence about adopting listen up... now I really liked the idea of adopting a dog, but was not really up for it. The wife and kids really wanted a dog and kinda suckered me into going down to the Edmonton Humane Society to take a look around. There she was - a one-year-old Anatolian Shepard named Dakota. She was big but real quiet. The kids loved her and she cuddled up to me and well... yup she’s in the van on the way home. Now the first while was a challenge. She wasn’t completely house broken and loved to chew. Like all my hats, a cell phone, an e-reader, etc. I had just about had it till... One night the dog came up the stairs and into our room, now that was completely out of her character. She must have been abused, she cowered a lot and normally wouldn’t dare go on the stairs or upstairs. So when she came upstairs to wake us I knew there was something wrong. I raced down [...]

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Update: Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) Remains Prepared

EDMONTON, AB (June 3, 2019) – EHS remains prepared and on alert to mobilize in response to wildfire evacuations in Northern Alberta. EHS remains committed to playing a role in supporting individuals and their companion animals as well as animals displaced by the crisis should the need arise. “We are grateful that a full scale evacuation has not been called,” says Catherine Stevenson, Director of Shelter Operations. “Our concern is always the impact on the community and animals in care as well as those that may be displaced. We will continue to monitor the situation and stay in touch with our partners in the community to assess risk and response.” EHS’ Shelter will remain positioned to accept stray animals affected by the wildfires and to provide supplies to individuals who are evacuating to Edmonton as well as to rescue organizations who mobilize in affected areas. Individuals and organizations requiring assistance can contact EHS at our main number 780-471-1774, Admissions Desk 780-491-3522, or Adoptions Desk 780-491-3500 for more information. Individuals wishing to provide volunteer support for animals affected by the northern wildfires can contact EHS’ foster program at to inquire about opportunities for fostering animals who may come under our care. Inquiries regarding general volunteer opportunities can be directed to [email protected] Animal care supplies can be dropped off to the Edmonton Humane Society. High-need [...]

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