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311, 2020

An Introduction To Clicker Training

By |November 3, 2020|

November 9th, 2020

An Introduction To Clicker Training

Clicker training is an easy and effective way to train your pet so we wanted to share some helpful tips to help you get started.

A clicker is a wonderful tool used to train all types of animals! Used in training basic obedience, tricks, and behavioural modification.  The clicker creates a sharp sound that marks the precise moment when your dog does something correctly. Because the sound of the clicker is so distinct, it makes it easy for a dog to recognize exactly what they did right. The clicker sound replaces words like, “good dog!”

If a dog is startled by the clicker sound, you can use […]

2910, 2020

Have a Pet Safe Halloween

By |October 29, 2020|

October 30th, 2020

Plan a Pet Safe Halloween!

Like many holidays, Halloween is a great excuse to stock up on sweets and treats. Having all of these extra goodies around is not only a major temptation to people but also our pets. As our friend Dr. Ted Purcell says; “Have a plan for today!”

“Treats and candies are not safe in a bag on the floor or on a chair or bench – you need to be very mindful on Halloween, not just during but before and after.”

Here are some things for pet guardians to keep in mind to ensure they […]

1709, 2020

Host a Pet Carnival at Home

By |September 17, 2020|

September 20th, 2020

Host a Pet Carnival at Home!

Since we can’t host the Canine Carnival at Pets in the Park this year, we’re bringing three of our most popular games home to you and your pet! These games aren’t just for our canine companions either – you can customize them for your other pets too.

Playing games with your pets has many benefits, from the physical and mental exercise to helping strengthen your bond, and even learning new skills.

While we may not be at Hawrelak Park this year, there are still prizes up for grabs!

Here’s how to participate:

1709, 2020

Have a Pet Picnic

By |September 17, 2020|

September 18th, 2020

Plan a Pet Picnic!

Some have said the quickest way to another’s heart is through the stomach and we think many pets would agree. Part of caring for our companion animals is ensuring they have a healthy nutritious diet of food that supports their physical and mental wellbeing. Treats are a fantastic way to incentivize our pets to learn new skills, improve upon behavioural concerns, or reward them for exceptional behaviour and new milestones like birthdays.

While we can’t picnic at the park this year for Pets in the Park, you can plan your own pet picnic at […]

909, 2020

Spending Time Safely Outdoors With Your Pet

By |September 9, 2020|

September 18th, 2020

Top Reasons To Get Outdoors With Your Pet!

Exploring the outdoors isn’t just for dogs – you can do it with your other pets too!

Why should you get outdoors with your pets?

  1. Being outdoors can support the mental health of people and pets by reducing boredom, depression, and anxiety.
  2. Breath in the fresh air and enjoy the natural sunlight.
  3. Being active has numerous health benefits and can help lift our spirits.
  4. Rolling around in outside in grass, sidewalks, or patios can help your pet cool […]