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106, 2021

Introducing Our New Adoption Process

By |June 1, 2021|

A Better Adoption Experience for People & Pets

EHS Becomes First Shelter in Canada to Adopt New Technology, Adōpets

The Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) has adopted a new technology, Adōpets, to create a better adoption experience for people and get animals into loving homes faster. The new system launches today, Tuesday June 1, and will help us automate and simplify the adoption process. By doing so, we can spend more time on what matters most: matching people and pets to facilitate happy and successful lifelong bonds.

EHS strives to be a model of excellence in animal welfare […]

305, 2021

Celebrating Be Kind to Animals Week

By |May 3, 2021|

Be Kind to Animals Week

You don’t need a special day or week to celebrate the human-animal bond by being kind to animals big and small in your community.

This year’s Be Kind to Animals Week is celebrated from May 3-7, 2021 and we are sharing five simple ways you can make a paws-itive impact on the lives of companion animals.

1. Get Your Pet from a Reputable Source

Check your local animal shelter first if you or someone you know is thinking about expanding the family to accept a new pet. There are […]

2303, 2021

Caring For Canines During Covid

By |March 23, 2021|

Behaviour During COVID
5 Canine Considerations

There is no denying that 2020 caused a major disruption in our lives. It has also caused a lot of change for our canine companions. Some changes to our routine or schedule may benefit our pets, but others can cause stress.

Below we’ve assembled a few tips and resources to help prevent behavioural issues from developing while we move through 2021 with our best furr-iends.

1. Socialize Your New Puppy

Socialization promotes healthy development and that can prevent future behavioural issues. During times of social distancing and gathering restrictions, it has made it difficult to […]

311, 2020

An Introduction To Clicker Training

By |November 3, 2020|

November 9th, 2020

An Introduction To Clicker Training

Clicker training is an easy and effective way to train your pet so we wanted to share some helpful tips to help you get started.

A clicker is a wonderful tool used to train all types of animals! Used in training basic obedience, tricks, and behavioural modification.  The clicker creates a sharp sound that marks the precise moment when your dog does something correctly. Because the sound of the clicker is so distinct, it makes it easy for a dog to recognize exactly what they did right. The clicker sound replaces words like, “good dog!”

If a dog is startled by the clicker sound, you can use […]

2910, 2020

Have a Pet Safe Halloween

By |October 29, 2020|

October 30th, 2020

Plan a Pet Safe Halloween!

Like many holidays, Halloween is a great excuse to stock up on sweets and treats. Having all of these extra goodies around is not only a major temptation to people but also our pets. As our friend Dr. Ted Purcell says; “Have a plan for today!”

“Treats and candies are not safe in a bag on the floor or on a chair or bench – you need to be very mindful on Halloween, not just during but before and after.”

Here are some things for pet guardians to keep in mind to ensure they […]