Angel (110407)

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Angel (110407)

Age: 1 years 1 months 2 weeks
Sex: Female Spayed
Size: Domestic
Colour: Black
Arrived: 1 month 2 weeks ago

Adoption Process


Behaviour Observed in Shelter:
- Fearful behaviours
- Higher Stress in shelter
- May be uncomfortable with handling
- Hiding behaviours
May Be Prone To:
- Hiding Behaviours
- Prolonged amount of time to become comfortable in new situations
- Avoidance/Fear of strangers
- Avoidance of handling
- Allow a substantial amount of time to adjust to new and unfamiliar situations
- Allow cat to approach people on its own terms so as not to overwhelm or create negative associations
- Slowly introduce cat to new situations, people and environments by rewarding positive interactions and creating positive associations
- Quiet and patient household so as not to overwhelm cat

Angel is currently available for adoption at Paws...The Cat Cafe located at 10588 109 Street NW, Edmonton. For more details please visit

If you live in the city of Edmonton you must purchase a license for $21.00 at the time of adoption.