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Adoption Fees

Special Offer 

For the month of August, we are offering all adult cats (over 6 months) by donation!. The funds from your donation will help provide care for animals in the shelter.

All adoptions include:

  • Spay or neuter surgery (cats, dogs, rabbits, and ferrets)
  • At least one set of vaccines
  • Microchip identification (cats, dogs, rabbits, large birds, pigs and ferrets)
  • Health examination & testing
  • Behaviour and temperament evaluation
  • Any veterinary treatments for illness or injuries an animal may have had prior to adoption
  • GST

Feline Adoption Fees

  • Kitten (under 4 months) $270
  • Kitten (4 - 6 months) $215
  • Senior cat (10+ years of age with extra service) $100
  • Senior Cat (10+ years of age) $65
  • Senior Cat (7 - 10 years of age) $105
  • Adult Cat $165
  • Bonded pair Adopt one at the full adoption fee, get 50% off the other adoption fee

    (Two cats requiring adoption into the same home)

Canine Adoption Fees

  • Bonded Pair Adopt one, get 50% off second adoption fee
  • Senior $110-$215
  • Adult Small $350
  • Adult Large $270
  • Puppies $485

Bird Adoption Fees

  • Finch $15-50
  • Lovebird $35
  • Cockatiel $35
  • Dove $15-50
  • Exotic birds Prices vary - please inquire
  • Budgie $20

Small Animals Adoption Fees

  • Gerbil, Hamster, Mouse $10
  • Guinea Pig $20 single, $35 pair
  • Adult Rabbit $65

    (all rabbits have been spayed/neutered)

  • Hedgehog, Sugar Glider $80
  • Ferret $160

    (all ferrets have been spayed/neutered, and they've received vaccinations and microchip identification)

Adoptions are processed on a first-come-first-served basis. Adoptions may not be processed on the same day if adoption is initiated too close to closing time, depending on client volume. If it is too late to complete the adoption process, animals will be held until the following day so that the adoption can be completed.

Adoptions Gift Certificates

Gift certificates for adoption fees make wonderful birthday or Christmas gifts and are available to purchase at the adoption desk or in Bingo’s Pet Shop.

The EHS reserves the right to hold special adoption promotions from time to time, reducing or waiving adoption fees for certain animals. These adoption events are publicly promoted online and the reduced or waived fees are honoured during the promotional dates only. The adoption fees above apply at all other times.