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My significant other and I have had Missy for 4 years. She was skinny and scared when we first got her from the Humane Society, but we could tell she was kind and just needed love. 

She came to us with serious separation anxiety and it took her quite a few weeks to get comfortable with the idea of staying home alone in her kennel while we were at work. 

In the beginning, we took Missy to city dog parks where we learned she loves to hunt birds and squirrels. Thankfully she is not a very good hunter. She is now well known at our neighbourhood dog park as “the dog that chases birds.” 

She runs up and down the fields barking towards the sky at birds flying around and confusing other dogs who think she wants to play. My favourite Missy moment was teaching her to swim. The first few years we had her she would side step puddles; she hated water so much. 

She also took to being a “lifeguard” by barking at us and pacing if we were ankle deep in any body of water. And so our mission became to make her feel at ease around water, as she gets quite warm under all her fur during the hotter months. 

Last summer Missy finally got comfortable enough to swim towards us in a shallow lake. This summer she seems to have completely lost her fear of the water and will spend hours swimming if we let her. She’s even tried to chase a duck on a pond.

In the last four years we have taken Missy on many camping and hiking adventures. She comes with us almost everywhere. No matter what we do, we always have to consider Missy. We are healthier people thanks to Missy, who loves being outside. 

When we think back on our time with Missy we both know how lucky we are to have found a dog that makes us a family.
Missy makes our lives much better and I can’t imagine what life would be like without her — probably not nearly as much fun. 

Stephanie L.

Bear's Success Story

We adopted Bear, a terrier cross, from you on April 25th and we are so incredibly in love with this little guy. He howled and yipped in the back of the car all the way home, but has since learned that the car means adventure and 99% of the time, also means the dog park!!

He even happily...

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Denver's Success Story

We adopted Denver, formerly Geo in October 2013. We wanted a friend for our older dog, Montana (Monti) and a new face in the family.

We came to the EHS with about 2 hours until close during puppy palooza on a Sunday. We saw Denver, with his sleepy eyes and beautiful Merle coat and he...

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Toulouse's Success Story

We will be celebrating Toulouse's (formerly Shep) first birthday in a few days. That means it's been six months since I brought him home. That means that I've had six months of pure joy with this little fur ball.

Toulouse has done a lot of moving in his short little life. I brought him...

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