Bear's Success Story

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We adopted Bear, a terrier cross, from you on April 25th and we are so incredibly in love with this little guy. He howled and yipped in the back of the car all the way home, but has since learned that the car means adventure and 99% of the time, also means the dog park!! 

He even happily shares the trunk of the car with our good friend's dog Maverick the dalmatian! We were warned he was an aggressive dog in his previous home. But really he takes it upon himself to be a very observant guard dog, and meets humans and animals alike very politely. 

He has really settled into our home and hearts. He enjoys pumpkin in his kibble, and is a joy to walk both on and off leash. His trick "Bang" leaves us with tears of laughter every time.

He came to us with beautiful long soft fur which was quite matted in places such as his ears and hind quarters. After losing the battle of attempting to groom him ourselves, we finally bit the bullet and took him for a summer cut just the other day. 

I insisted they retain his trademark ears, and what emerged from the grooming room is a hilarious and absolutely adorable little dog. We love him long and short but the short cut will be comfy for him this summer.

We want to thank you for everything you do for the animals that need love and tender care. We are so grateful that shelters like you exist, and that we found our little Teddy Bear there!

~ Marion and Jan