Toulouse's Success Story

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We will be celebrating Toulouse's (formerly Shep) first birthday in a few days. That means it's been six months since I brought him home. That means that I've had six months of pure joy with this little fur ball.

Toulouse has done a lot of moving in his short little life. I brought him home to my parents' house to be a buddy for our other cat Oliver. Apparently Toulouse didn't get the memo because despite Oliver being a curious sweetheart, Toulouse had no interest in sharing living space.

After three weeks with no progress, I knew they'd never be happy cohabiting and I needed a new home for Toulouse. I was stressed heartbroken; I felt like I had failed this little man who was depending on me for a loving home.

That's when my partner stepped up and offered to take him in. After all, he had been charmed by Toulouse's antics too, like his habit of climbing on your head and licking your cheek to show he really likes you, and neither of us could bear the thought of being away from him.

We packed up his litter box and all his toys and made the switch. Within one weekend, I could see how much happier Toulouse was, it was a great arrangement. He gets along better with everyone in the house and I still get to visit him all the time.

My partner and I are moving in together soon and I can't wait to wake up every morning for kitty cuddles. Toulouse still has so much kitten energy that first thing in the morning is the only time he'll slow down enough to let you cuddle him, the rest of the day, it's play play play!

He's a quirky cat that's for sure, but it's impossible not to smile when he's around. It's crazy how much a little ball of fluff and love can change your life, but I'm so glad he has.

Thank you EHS. He may be growing up, but I'm not sure he'll ever stop looking like a kitten to me.

— Kristine