Denver's Success Story

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We adopted Denver, formerly Geo in October 2013. We wanted a friend for our older dog, Montana (Monti) and a new face in the family.

We came to the EHS with about 2 hours until close during puppy palooza on a Sunday. We saw Denver, with his sleepy eyes and beautiful Merle coat and he walked right over to us. It was love at first sight for all of us, including grumpy old Monti, who usually dislikes other dogs.

We went through all the usual puppy struggles and stress, but came out the other side with a handsome, somewhat well-behaved dog. Earlier this year, we had some problems with our condo board and were told we needed to remove Denver from our home or we would be fined. (After a whole year of having him!)

I explained it was he stays, or we sell our townhouse and move. We fought it tooth and nail, but in the end they won. They didn't see our side and we have now been paying a large fine every month to not have a caveat placed on our home. We have now sold and bought a beautiful acreage for our beloved pooches.

Everyone I know has said "save the trouble and just take him back!" My heart aches at the thought. And he has loved us unconditionally through it all and we owe him the same. Thinking about taking him away from Monti, his big sister and friend, brings tears to my eyes.

In a round about way, keeping Denver and not giving him up when it got tough has now landed us in our dream home and neighborhood. Everything happens for a reason, and I know with all my being that he is ours for a reason. He brings light to our lives and home everyday. He's a playful, hyper little trickster but we couldn't be more thankful for him.

My favourite moments are when we wake up in the morning, and look over at him while he's just waking up. You can tell he's so happy, and content. I wish he knew how much happiness he brings to our family. He keeps Monti young, and reminds my husband and I that life is simple. Surround yourself with things that make you happy, and enjoy the little moments.

I was saying to my husband last night in bed the best thing about dogs is....they don't fear death, being broke, or hungry. All they know is how to love and be loved, and at the end of the day seeing that in their eyes makes everything worth it. We love the EHS, and every family member we adopt will surely be from there.

All our gratefulness, sincerely,

— the Blom family