News Release: Saint Bernard Trio Returning to Edmonton for Pets in the Park

NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SAINT BERNARD TRIO RETURNING TO EDMONTON FOR PETS IN THE PARK EDMONTON, AB (May 22, 2019) – Gunther, Goliath and Gasket will be returning to Edmonton on Saturday, June 22 to be the honourary Walk Marshals at the Edmonton Humane Society’s (EHS) annual Pets in the Park festival. The three Saint Bernard brothers were adopted from EHS by a family in Calgary last October. The dogs, who have gained the nickname “the 3Gs”, garnered worldwide attention last fall when EHS put the call out for a special adopter who could take in all three of them. They required one home as they were bonded to each other, and experienced stress and anxiety when separated. Their story brought much-needed attention to shelter animals around the globe, reaching nearly 125 million people in 45 countries, and even being featured by NBC’s Today Show. “We are beyond excited to have Gasket, Gunther, Goliath and their family leading our walk at Pets in the Park this year,” said Liza Sunley, Chief Executive Officer of EHS. “Although their situation was unique, their story symbolizes that of so many homeless pets around the world. Fundraisers like Pets in the Park are vital for us to keep giving second chances to animals like them.” The event is held at Hawrelak Park and is the only day [...]

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A Note from EHS’ New CEO, Liza

A Note from EHS' New CEO, Liza Like many of you, I have been a lifelong animal lover—right from my very first pet, Fifi the hamster, that I got in grade six. I couldn’t contain my excitement having her join my family after years of asking my parents for a pet. I’ve experienced that same excited feeling throughout my first week as CEO of the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS). This opportunity is a dream come true for me, and I am thrilled to be a part of such an incredible organization with endless potential to positively impact the people and pets in our community. I have been lucky enough to experience the impact of EHS myself, having adopted my first cat from EHS, and creating many memories with my rescue dogs while spending time in the Central Bark Dog Park. I have long admired and have a deep appreciation for the work that EHS has been doing in our community for over 110 years, and am humbled to have been entrusted with helping to shape the future of the Society. As I’ve been getting to know our team over the past week, I have seen a group of extremely passionate people who are dedicated to advancing animal welfare. I know that we couldn’t do this important work without your support though, and for that [...]

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News Release: Edmonton Humane Society Announces New CEO

NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EDMONTON HUMANE SOCIETY ANNOUNCES NEW CEO EDMONTON, AB (March 12, 2019) – The Edmonton Humane Society’s (EHS) Board of Directors has announced the appointment of Liza Sunley as Chief Executive Officer. “There is enormous opportunity for EHS and we couldn’t be happier that Liza is joining our team,” said EHS Board Chair, Summer Bradko. “As we look to the future, we are confident she will guide our dedicated employees and nearly 1,400 volunteers to realize our significant potential and help us become even more effective at what we do best: caring for animals.” Sunley was previously the Chief Operating Officer of the Bissell Centre, a large non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating poverty, and the Executive Director of Lorena Shelter, a women’s emergency shelter. “We are confident that Liza’s leadership will position us for greater success with key stakeholders and help us achieve our vision to be a model of excellence in the advancement of animal welfare,” added Bradko. Sunley will officially start with EHS on March 27, 2019. About the Edmonton Humane Society As a leader in the advancement of animal welfare, the Edmonton Humane Society enriches the lives of people and companion animals through animal sheltering, programs and services, and community engagement. The charity has been serving animals in Edmonton and area for over 110 years. -30- [...]

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Statement from EHS on City Council’s Approval of Animal Protection Business Model

MEDIA STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STATEMENT FROM EHS ON CITY COUNCIL’S APPROVAL OF ANIMAL PROTECTION BUSINESS MODEL EDMONTON, AB (March 12, 2019) – The Edmonton Humane Society is pleased with City Council’s decision to approve the proposed Edmonton model for animal protection enforcement. We commend City administration for researching and proposing a model which will ensure enforcement can be conducted seven days a week and believe animal welfare in our city will be better served as a result of this decision. EHS made the difficult decision for our organization to end enforcement after voluntarily providing the service for decades, recognizing that we are not experts in this field. We want to see it done well by those who have the expertise and resources to carry out this vital service. As advocates for advancing animal welfare, we are committed to serving animals in the ways we best can; through providing shelter, veterinary care, behavioural services, rehabilitation and re-homing for animals in need, including those who come from situations of abuse and neglect. This change will allow us to re-focus on these core services. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership with the City of Edmonton and Animal Care & Control Centre to ensure the welfare of animals in our city. -30-

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EHS Reminds Pet Owners to Spay and Neuter Their Pets this World Spay Day

NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EDMONTON HUMANE SOCIETY (EHS) REMINDS PET OWNERS TO SPAY AND NEUTER THEIR PETS THIS WORLD SPAY DAY Programs such as EHS’ Prevent Another Litter Subsidy (PALS) help to  address pet overpopulation in the community. EDMONTON, AB (February 26, 2019) – Today marks World Spay Day, and the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) is using the opportunity to remind pet owners about the importance of spaying and neutering their pets. “Beyond preventing a surprise, unwanted litter, there are medical and behavioural benefits to getting your pet spayed or neutered,” says Dr. Disa Boyd, shelter veterinarian at EHS. “The lifespan of pets that have been fixed is often longer, as spaying and neutering can prevent certain types of cancers and infections. It can also help to mitigate behaviour concerns, such as roaming and spraying urine.” The cost of the surgery can be prohibitive for some pet owners however. This is why EHS launched their Prevent Another Litter Subsidy (PALS) program in 2012, to provide low-income pet owners in Edmonton and area a low-cost option for getting their pets fixed. The program recently received a grant of $31,000 from PetSmart Charities of Canada to continue through 2019, and also receives funding through the City of Edmonton’s Animal Care & Control Centre (ACCC). “The Edmonton Humane Society’s PALS program is a leading example of [...]

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An Open Letter to Humane Society Supporters and Animal Lovers in our Community

An Open Letter to Humane Society Supporters and Animal Lovers in our Community The following letter was originally published in the Edmonton Journal on February 9, 2019.  When I volunteered to become Chair of the Edmonton Humane Society’s Board of Directors last May, it was an easy decision. As an animal lover myself, I was inspired by the important work the more than 110-year-old not-for-profit does every day, saving lives and giving animals a second chance they may not otherwise have. The recent decision the Edmonton Humane Society Board made with regards to ending enforcement of the Animal Protection Act was not as easy. This decision led to a lot of sleepless nights, and I want to share why with you. I recognize that this change came as a surprise to many in our community. Like you, we wondered if not us, who would ensure that animal protection legislation was enforced? This is the answer we were hoping to confirm before sharing the news with you. As advocates for animal welfare, we believe animal protection is a vital service for our community. We approached both municipal and provincial levels of Government with our concerns and questions, but after decades of voluntarily carrying out this work, it seemed there was no back-up plan. That’s why we were working hard behind-the-scenes, calling, emailing and meeting with various [...]

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Statement from EHS on City of Edmonton Decision to take over enforcement of Animal Protection Act

MEDIA STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STATEMENT FROM EHS ON CITY OF EDMONTON DECISION TO TAKE OVER ENFORCEMENT OF ANIMAL PROTECTION ACT (APA) EDMONTON, AB (January 30, 2019) – Earlier today, the City of Edmonton made the decision to assume enforcement of the Animal Protection Act (APA) through Animal Care & Control Centre, until a permanent solution can be found. The Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) has been in conversations since last fall with the City of Edmonton and other partner agencies to determine a transition plan, and are pleased that an interim solution will be in place for February 1. The Edmonton Humane Society’s volunteer Board of Directors voted in December to end the enforcement of the Animal Protection Act (APA) as of January 31, 2019. To date, EHS has been voluntarily providing APA enforcement services within Edmonton. The safety of animals and staff members was integral in making this very difficult decision. This transition will allow EHS to focus on its core services and strengths – being a homeless shelter, a veterinary hospital, a rehabilitation centre, an adoption agency, and an organization which advocates and educates for the welfare of animals to address the root cause of animal neglect and abuse. While EHS will no longer be conducting enforcement, our organization will still be here to provide care and a second chance to animals who [...]

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Media Statement: Edmonton Humane Society Ending Enforcement of the Animal Protection Act (APA)

MEDIA STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EDMONTON HUMANE SOCIETY ENDING ENFORCEMENT OF THE ANIMAL PROTECTION (APA) EDMONTON, AB (January 22, 2019) – The Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) can confirm that their volunteer Board of Directors has voted to end the enforcement of the Animal Protection Act (APA) as of January 31, 2019. EHS has voluntarily been providing APA enforcement services within Edmonton. The service was funded primarily through donations and a portion of a City of Edmonton grant, with no provincial government funding. Upcoming policy changes under the provincial Peace Officer Act forced EHS to evaluate the viability of its enforcement program and whether the new requirements could be met. “This decision was made in early December 2018 and was a very difficult one for our organization,” said Summer Bradko, EHS Board Chair. “EHS has been working behind the scenes to help facilitate the transition of this important service to another agency.” EHS has recognized the organization is not an expert in enforcement. This change will allow EHS to re-focus on their areas of expertise, which includes animal welfare and advocacy. EHS will continue to serve abandoned, abused and neglected animals by giving them a safe haven to receive proper care and a second chance through the sheltering services. EHS is currently working with the City of Edmonton and the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of [...]

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EHS Pet Update: Daisy the dog goes home!

We have an exciting adoption update to brighten this Blue Monday!  Last week, after 179 DAYS in our shelter, Daisy the Labrador / Pit Bull cross finally found her forever home!!! It was bittersweet to say goodbye as many of our team members had developed a strong bond with Daisy after caring for her for nearly six months (and tucking her into bed each night!), but we couldn't be happier to watch her go home. Daisy was just as happy too - look at that big smile as she got ready to leave! Her family has shared with us that she's settling in very well, she loves to go for walks and cuddle, and they cannot wait to take her out on camping adventures in the summer. Congratulations Daisy!!!

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News Release: Independent Investigation Recommends Changes at Edmonton Humane Society Following Cat Transport Incident

NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION RECOMMENDS CHANGES AT EDMONTON HUMANE SOCIETY FOLLOWING CAT TRANSPORT INCIDENT EDMONTON, AB (December 20, 2018) – An independent investigation has found that a combination of unfortunate events, human error and operational shortcomings at the Edmonton Humane Society led to an incident where three cats were accidentally left in a transport van for 22 days last spring. “The Edmonton Humane Society deeply regrets what happened and is committed to learning from this difficult chapter in our more than 110 year history,” said Summer Bradko, Edmonton Humane Society Board Chair. “This third-party investigation has been an important step in identifying what went wrong and what we need to fix at EHS. Although we have already made changes to improve our processes, we still have work to do and will continue to evolve as an organization and to advance animal welfare in our community.” The investigation confirmed that the three male cats - Magic, Chance & Lucky - survived the incident and were later treated for minor injuries and adopted to new families. The Edmonton Humane Society’s Board of Directors commissioned the independent investigation last June in order to determine exactly how the incident happened and make recommendations to improve the non-profit organization’s animal welfare and staff practices and protocols. Former Edmonton City Councillor Kim Krushell volunteered to oversee the investigation, which [...]

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