Introduction to Sporting Detection

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$180 +GST (Working Spot)

$65 +GST (Audit Spot)


Edmonton Humane Society

This seminar introduces you and your dog to the sport of scent detection - no experience required! This is a great way to harness your dog's nose and give him a job to do. This is valuable mental exercise that many dogs are missing out on.

There are both working spots (where you get to bring your dog) and audit spots (just you coming to learn by yourself) available. All dogs must be crated during the lecture parts, and will be brought out on leash one at a time to work.

It's a one day workshop between the hours of 9:00am-4:00pm, with lecture and hands on portions. Presented by Roseanna Gullekson BFA, CPDT-KA.

Workshop material will include:

  • detection sport overview
  • equipment 
  • canine olfaction and behaviour 
  • training a formal odor alert indication 
  • odor preparation 
  • handling and safety 
  • clicker training odor recognition 
  • building search drives and odor obedience 
  • developing search sequences 
  • container searches 
  • exterior vehicle search
  • designated odor testing and competition guidelines


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