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Class Bundling

If you are interested in taking multiple classes and would benefit from a discount for pre-paying for them, this is a great option! Whether you are looking at taking a few agility classes, just got a new puppy, or are just looking to further your dog's training, this is the most bang for your buck.

Sign up for 2 classes and save 10%

3 classes and save 35%

4 classes and save 37%

Or 5 classes and save 39%

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Once you fill out this form, please email at least 48 hours prior to a class starting to sign up. We recommend booking even earlier, as classes fill up fast!

Some notes: It is one bundle household. Bundles are not refundable or transferable. Please note all regular class age restrictions, policies, and rules apply. All bundles expire 12 months from the date of purchase; any classes not used by then will be forfeited.

About Group Training Classes 

Learn from the experts in dog behavior why fear, dominance or aversive training is not the method to use when working with your dog. 

***Dogs that display excessive barking/growling/lunging while on leash towards people or other dogs are not suitable for general training classes. If your dog typically displays any of these behaviors, please sign up for a private training session, Leash Reactivity 101, or Small Dog Leash Reactivity and Social Hour.

**Some classes may be canceled due to low enrollment. Please check for updates before 1st day of class.

*Please use a promo code at the time of purchase. If you lost the code, please call 780-491-3888 BEFORE registering

  • 8 - 10 dogs per class with one instructor. 
  • Dogs must have veterinary proof of current vaccinations: DHLPP and Rabies. A canine cough vaccine is highly recommended. Titer tests will be accepted in place of vaccines. Puppies require a minimum of 2 sets of vaccines. (Puppies vaccinated by a breeder that is not a DVM will not be accepted.) 
  • A clicker and training with this important tool is included in each starter class. 
  • Dogs that have punctured another dog or human cannot take group classes until they have taken a private training session for assessment. 
  • Classes run 1 hour per week for 6 weeks. 
  • Once registered, there are no refunds or transfers or make-up classes for missed classes. 
  • If your dog is uncontrollable in class or disturbing the other clients continually, you may be excused without refund or transfer. 
  • Trainers may need to switch some class dates as they often upgrade their canine knowledge. You will be notified ahead of time and class majority will determine make-up class date.