Humane Education Virtual Programs

Humane Education is great way to empower people of all ages by engaging them with programs that range from animal care & protection, environmental preservation, interpersonal relationship building, to human rights. We seek to provide educational opportunities and experiences that support the development of a strong community,  passionate about animal welfare.

While our youth programing has moved to virtual, we are still offering canine behaviour consultations by appointment and and adoptions through our online process.

Make some new fur-iends

…and inspire compassionate care for animals when you take part in programming offered by the Edmonton Humane Society.

What’s Included:

  • Lightening Fast Email Confirmation
  • 30-Day access for pre-recorded programs and reminders for how and when to access live programs.
  • Some programs also include printable resource guides with information on our services and activities you can do at home or follow-along with!
  • BONUS: Some serious feel good vibes for supporting EHS and the work we do!

We proudly support teachers and home educators!

If you are an educator who would like to facilitate one of our programs with your class but are facing financial restrictions, please contact us today to discuss options:

For free resources and activities visit Humane Education @ Home to watch Connect with Pet videos, download colouring pages, activity guides, word searches and more!

Live Learning Presentations – $15.00 CAD per household

July Programs:

All programs run 1 hour in length and include a 45-minute virtual learning session live from EHS with a Humane Education team member + 15-minute question & answer period with some of our current adoptable animals (unless otherwise indicated.) Spaces are limited to 20 per session so reserve yours today!

Expand the toggle below to read the program description and register for your session:

  • Time: 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m
  • Recommended Ages: 6-12 (all ages welcome!)
  • Themes covered: Join us for a live virtual tour of the Edmonton Humane Society as we take you behind-the-scenes where the public doesn’t normally go! We’ll pass by admitting and peek in on our medical team. Then off to laundry and living quarters! Come take an animal’s journey through the shelter — all the way to adoption — and end with a guest appearance by a furry friend, while we answer some of your most important questions.

Registration Closed

  • Time: 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
  • Recommended Ages: 9-12 (all ages welcome!)
  • Themes covered: We do more than just adoptions at EHS! Did you know we have our very own Canine Enrichment Center and dog-training classes? In this virtual session you’ll meet our special guest, head-trainer Katie, and learn about her career in animal training and what she does as a dog trainer for EHS. She’ll share some basics on dog body-language, reward-based training, and how to practice being a good companion to the canines in your life. At the end, there will be some time to answer questions!

Registration Closed

  • Time: 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
  • Recommended Ages: 6-12 (all ages welcome!)
  • Themes covered: Virtually meet some of our current feline friends at EHS who are looking to find new homes. We will take you through you some of the different living areas of our kitty residents – including the temporary homes known as ‘Cat Condo’s with newly installed portals! Cuddle up with us and an adoptable kitty as we learn about a few of our current residents and the adoption process.

Registration Closed

Pre-Recorded Virtual Presentations – $20.00 CAD 

Ideal for at home learners, home educators and in-class educators to share information on demand with their students about the topics listed. All pre-recorded presentations are accessible for 30 days and include a small content package with purchase.

Who We Are, What We Do

  • Program Focus: Discover what an animal shelter is and all that goes into operating the Edmonton Humane Society. We will talk about different animals that have been at EHS and how you can help animals both in the shelter and in your community. You’ll even get to come along on a virtual behind-the-scenes tour or our facility!
  • Suitable Ages: All Ages – Recommended 5+
  • Themes covered: The history of EHS, animals we care for, the different departments at EHS, and an introduction to the adoptions process.
  • Run Time: Approximately 20 Minutes

Caring Companions

  • Program Focus:  Learn about the basic needs of animals and be introduced the concepts of ‘The Five Domains’ and ‘The Five Freedoms’ of animal welfare. We’ll share what responsible ownership is and how to apply this knowledge when supporting the care of companion animals.
  • Suitable Ages: All Ages – Recommended 8+
  • Themes covered: Different types of pets, Basic Needs of Animals, Five Domains & Freedoms of Animal Welfare, Responsible Pet Ownership & Enrichment.
  • Run Time: Approximately 20 minutes

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