If you have found a stray or free-roaming animal outside City Limits

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The Edmonton Humane Society accepts owner surrendered animals and stray animals from outside of city limits (although we encourage citizens to call their local bylaw enforcement agency first). All animals will require an appointment before being brought in - please call our Admitting department at 780-491-3522 to schedule an appointment. Appointments can be made Sunday through Thursday; we are closed to admitting on Friday and Saturday.

When you turn a stray animal in to the Edmonton Humane Society you may ask for a "Special Consideration." This means you will be given the first opportunity to adopt the animal, if one of the following scenarios occur: 

  • it is not claimed by the owner
  • It is deemed adoptable by the Edmonton Humane Society.

An administration fee of $25.00 will be charged to admitters of stray animals that would like a special consideration placed on the animal for when it goes up for adoption.  Stray and free-roaming animals found outside of city limits are checked for identification, such as a microchip, tattoo, or license tags. If we cannot locate an animal's owner, the animal will remain in our care for seven days to allow the owner to locate the lost animal. If an animal is not claimed and is deemed adoptable, the animal will then be made ready for adoption.