Where does your tax deductible donation go?

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  • Your donation makes an incredible difference to the care that we can provide to animals in need. Every year, the Edmonton Humane Society takes in over 10,000 homeless, abused, and abandoned animals. No animal is given a time limit in the shelter. We’ve housed animals up to eight months until a new home was found.
  • All animals receive veterinary care during their stay at the shelter. This includes vaccinations, specialized evaluations, medications, treatments, and spay and neuter surgery if required. 
  • We provide information about behaviour and training based on the most up-to-date and innovative research from top professionals and universities in North America. Our team of animal behaviour specialists provide daily enrichment to our shelter animals, such as toys, socialization activities, and behaviour modification sessions. We do everything we can to work with any companion animal in our care to address any behaviour issue that a pet may have.
  • Animal Protection Officers investigate thousands of complaints of animal abuse and neglect every year, and educate owners and the public about the importance of responsible pet ownership. The Animal Protection Department strives to create a proactive and empowered community by increasing public awareness of neglect and cruelty.
  • Each year, the Edmonton Humane Society’s education programs reach thousands of children and adults through school and group visits which provide opportunities for our community to learn about the importance of animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.