Hello there!

My name is Lisa and I’m on a journey as well. I am a Registered Nurse, mother, wife, and Yoga teacher. I have been practicing yoga for nine years since my first pregnancy. It has truly been life changing.

I did my yoga teacher training in Edmonton in December of 2017 at the Higher Love Yoga Academy (HLYA) with Sara Cueva. Prior to that, I practiced several disciplines including Moksha yoga, Sattva yoga and other hatha based practices throughout the city. Learning of Sara’s teacher training at HLYA encouraged me to sign up and follow a passion of mine. The yoga training dives so much deeper into the philosophy behind yoga and why it has survived the tests of time through thousands of years. Yoga means to unite or to yoke the mind and body with a higher entity. Yoga is a way of living and it draws much of its philosophy and history from Hinduism and Buddhism; although it is not a religion. These ancient religions gifted the yogi with practices, ideals and techniques to quiet the mind and explore the body.

Every one of us deals with stressors in a different way. For me it was intense anger, irritability, inability to sleep, nightmares and flashbacks. I was diagnosed with PTSD, depression and anxiety several years ago after I finally decided that I should seek help. I was going through life but not living it. My days were like a roller coaster; for a few days it would be pretty good and then I would plummet into a depression that would force me to crawl out of bed in the mornings. I engaged with no one but my husband and children and even then I felt like a monster and didn’t measure up to be a good mother.

Several things have worked for me throughout the years. Psychological counselling, medication and yoga have helped me maintain an even keel through life’s ups and downs. Working on me is the hardest thing I’m doing in my life. It is a journey, an effort, and a constant learning experience. Yoga is now used in many trauma centers as an additional tool to help people who suffer from PTSD and there have been excellent results to date. Please let me share some of the tools and techniques that I use to relax, to turn off the flight or fight response, and help me deal with life’s stressors.

Light and Love

Lisa Gaglione
RYT 200, Yogafit for Warriors (100h in progress), RN, BScN, BScF