New mobile program will expand the reach of the Prevent Another Litter Subsidy (PALS) program through removing transport barrier

EDMONTON, AB (September 24, 2019) – The Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) is taking its spay and neuter services on the road, introducing a new mobile surgical unit to the community at the Bissell Centre today. The new vehicle will help the Society to make its Prevent Another Litter Subsidy (PALS) spay and neuter program more accessible.

“We are very proud to see the dream of having a mobile spay and neuter vehicle realized, and excited for the possibilities it brings for our Prevent Another Litter Subsidy program,” said Liza Sunley, CEO of the Edmonton Humane Society. “This project has been in progress for three years now and was made possible thanks to our generous donors, including the Gordon & Diane Buchanan Family Foundation.”

Spay and neuter surgeries will be taking place in the mobile unit today at the Bissell Centre as part of a pilot project for the mobile program, so EHS can plan for a full launch in 2020. EHS is also hoping to connect with community members to raise awareness for the program and discuss the other barriers that exist, so they can continue to make it more accessible.

EHS’ Prevent Another Litter Subsidy (PALS) program currently provides spay and neuter services to pet owners facing financial challenges in the Edmonton region. Nearly 1,000 animals are altered by EHS’ veterinarians each year through the program, with over 6,000 dogs and cats being spayed or neutered since the program launched in 2012. The program is supported by donors and grants, with low-income pet owners only paying a small administrative fee for the service.

However, one of the challenges that people utilizing the service face is finding pet-friendly transport to and from the shelter, especially with the non-profit being located on the northwest edge of the city.

“We recognize that there are multiple barriers for pet owners when trying to access spay and neuter services, with transport being one of them,” said Sunley. “This mobile unit will bring us one step closer to removing those barriers so that more pets can be altered.”

“Spaying and neutering is key to proactively preventing unwanted litters and reducing the number of homeless pets that come into animal shelters like ours,” added Sunley.

Appointments for the PALS program are fully booked for this year, however those interested in finding out more and organizations who would like to partner with EHS to bring the unit to their community are encouraged to email [email protected].

About the Edmonton Humane Society

Founded in 1907, the Edmonton Humane Society is a registered charity which enriches the lives of people and companion animals through animal sheltering, programs and services, and community engagement. Over 6,000 homeless, neglected and abandoned companion animals come to the shelter each year in need of veterinary care, behavioural rehabilitation, and rehoming.

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