Dog Daycare

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Hours of Operation 

Monday - Friday   6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday  Closed 
Statutory Holidays  Closed 


$17.00 + GST/Half Day

$25.00 + GST/Full Day

Monthly Withdrawal Service 


Contact Doggie Daycare

You can contact us by calling 780-491-3888, or by sending an email to

Welcome to the EHS Doggie Daycare!

Dog daycares are a valuable tool to help pet owners keep their dogs socialized, active and  stimulated. EHS' Canine Enrichment Centre's Doggie Daycare offers safe and happy environment for your dog that includes healthy play, exercise, and the ability for your dog to exercise proper etiquette within a group of dogs. 

The Edmonton Humane Society's Canine Enrichment Centre is modern, clean facility, and our daycare attendants use proven, effective methods and products to ensure expert sanitization and disease control. In fact, our indoor space offers a completely sealed floor for easy clean up and ultimate sanitization.

Our daycare attendants understand that consistency and routine are essential in maintaining a happy group of dogs and encourage interactive, fully supervised play. Time is spent in our 5000 square foot indoor facility, our large outdoor patio complete with a 5000 square foot turf yard, and new 5000 square foot grass pen. In the summer, the dogs have access to pools and agility equipment. Rest assured that while you are away for the day, your dog is receiving the highest level of attention and care.

Can my dog go to daycare? 

Each dog must have an assessment before enrolling in daycare. This will confirm if your dog has adequate social skills and the ability to be handled by daycare attendants. It will also give daycare staff the important opportunity to get to know you and your dog. Before booking an assessment, dog owners must commit to one, regularly scheduled day per week for their dogs to attend. If your dog has a successful assessment and is welcome to join daycare, they complete a one (1) month trial period to ensure a good match. Before attending, dogs must meet the following criteria:

  • Dogs
    • Must have vaccines up to date (Bordetella, Rabies and DHPP) *Proof required*
    • Must be spayed or neutered OR scheduled for spay/neuter surgery by 6 months of age, no exceptions
    • Must be treated in advance for fleas and ticks; parasites
    • Must have belonged to the owner for at least 3 months
  • Puppies
    • Must have second set of vaccines (rabies vaccination at 6 months)

Please note that we do not offer overnight service. Dogs must be dropped off before 10:00 a.m. and picked up before 6:00 p.m. *Late fees apply

Doggie Daycare Added Services (For Current Daycare Dogs Only)

Want to pamper your pooch? Our doggy daycare offers a variety of spa-like services that not only pamper your pooch, but also keeps your dog healthy and prevents potential health issues!

Nail Trim 
$10+GST ($15+GST for difficult dog requiring two people)  

  • Long nails can cause significant damage to other daycare dogs while playing
  • Scratches can be painful if they jump up on a person
  • Long nails affect dogs’ posture, causing them to lean back on the pads of their feet and changing the way they stand, which can cause pain or injury over time.

Brush Out 
$10+GST (approximately 15 minutes). *Extra costs for removing severe mats

  • Removes excess hair from dogs coat
  • Minimize the amount of hair on your clothes, furniture and in your car
  • Keep their coat healthy and looking its best, by distributing natural oils from their fur and skin.

Spa Day 
$30 - $45+GST (depending on dog's size and coat type) 

  • Drop your pup off dirty and pick them up looking fabulous!
  • A spa day includes a nail trim, bath at Muddy Paws Dog Wash and brush out.