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Complete this form to report animal cruelty

The animal protection officers at the Edmonton Humane Society enforce Alberta’s Animal Protection Act. Our officers rely on the eyes and ears of the community to report concerns. Each concern will be assessed and investigated, and the appropriate action(s) taken to resolve the complaint.

Please note that in order for animal protection officers to investigate a complaint, a contact name and information must be provided when reporting; this information is kept confidential. The EHS routinely collects and records confidential information during the investigation process. Under Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), EHS is legally required to preserve the privacy of the personal information it collects. Information will only be released in the case of legal necessity, if charges are laid during the course of an investigation.

The Act states:

14(2) If a person, on reasonable and probable grounds, believes an animal is in distress and reports the distress to peace officer, no action lies against that person for reporting unless that person reports maliciously or without reasonalbe or probable grounds for the belief.

If you have a concern about an abandoned animal or an animal being left in a car, please call our animal protection officers at 780-491-3517. If they are not available to take your call, please leave a message because they are checked frequently.

If you have a cruelty concern outside the City of Edmonton, please contact the Alberta SPCA at 1-800-455-9003.


Information for landlords

If you suspect an animal is not being properly cared for, please call and report your concern as soon as possible. You can report your concern online or by calling (780) 491-3517.

If you become aware of an abandoned animal:

- The animal can be admitted to the Edmonton Humane Society by the landlord/caretaker free of charge. The landlord will be asked to fill out an ‘Abandoned Animal Information Statement’ upon arrival.  You may also print this form and complete it ahead of time. 

- Animal protection officers can come and seize the animal; however, there is a transportation fee due upon the officer’s arrival ($50 for 1-9 animals, $100 for 10+ animals). 

Information for Veterinarians

If you believe that an owner/caregiver is not providing the appropriate veterinary care to prevent or relieve an animal’s distress, please contact our office directly at (780) 491-3517. Our animal protection officers work closely with veterinarians to ensure that adequate veterinary care is provided by an owner or a caregiver; often in cases of financial constraint, our officers are able to offer solutions.

  • Our officers are only able to enforce required care set out by a veterinarian; as such, it is important to clearly document any treatment that is required for an animal, including the time frame it should be provided within. 
  • To investigate the claim our officers require:
  • a)  Medical records that include treatment recommendations and timeframes. 
  • b) Information

Please fax the documents to (780) 479-8946. 


As per the Animal Protection Act of Alberta:

'Protection from action

14(1) No action lies against a peace officer, registered veterinarian, caretaker, humane society or an officer or employee of a humane society for anything done in good faith under this Act or the regulations


Pet Ownership Prohibitions

Convictions under the Animal Protection Act may result in fines and/or a prohbition order from owning pets or specific types of pets. You can view a list of individauls with active prohibitions by clicking here.

If you believe an individual on this list is in violation of their prohibition, please contact our Animal Protection department by calling (780) 491-3517.