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Saturday, March 16 2019 from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

This seminar is also available upon request and group pricing can be applied. Please contact to book.

$20 + GST/Adult (Ages 12+)

FREE for children under 12

Contact for group pricing.

Location of your choice within 70km of EHS

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Course Description

Are you considering adopting a kitten/cat or have you recently added one to the family?

If so, this is the purr-fect course for you! You’ll learn how to care for your cat from the supplies needed before you take your feline friend home to the enrichment items that help keep your cat stimulated and happy. Other topics covered will include diet and nutrition, commitment of owning a cat, cat behaviour and body language, medical topics such as declawing and spaying/neutering, and grooming requirements.

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