Project Description

October 29th to December 3rd with Lisa
(6 Week Session)
Tuesdays, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

November 3rd to December 14th with Paula
(6 Week Session)
Saturdays, 10:30 am to 12 pm (no class November 9)

$120 + GST*

*Subject to Eventbrite registration fee

Edmonton Humane Society
Humane Education Classroom
13620 – 163 Street NW
Edmonton, AB

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Course Description

Each class of this six-week session consists of one hour of yoga designed to help you turn off the flight or fight response and teach yourself how to become aware of your physical self through social engagement and physical attunement, as well as a half hour of animal socialization!

Taught by Lisa Gaglione or Paula Schraeder, these classes are appropriate for any level of experience with yoga; for those who have never been to a yoga class and for those who are advanced practitioners. You will learn various techniques to calm the nervous system and quiet the mind in the hope that you can take these techniques and apply them in your day to day experiences. We will explore methods to help invoke sleep and increase quality of sleep. In essence we will begin to teach the body that it will be ‘OK’ during periods of stress and allow it to relax and engage the parasympathetic nervous system (our relax and digest mode).

In addition to a one hour yoga class, we will spend half an hour engaging with the shelter animals. This in itself can be truly therapeutic and invites joy and compassion into our hearts.

Join us in this initial six week journey in the gracious company of the Edmonton Humane Society and their shelter animals and begin to get to know yourself.

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