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A very special part of being the beneficiary of our community's generous support are all the clever and creative ways that people find to support the thousands of animals we care for each year. This page is meant to inspire some of the creative and provide a bit of insight into how people are doing their part to help animals in our community. 

Credit Card Partners

Check out the BMO EHS MasterCard and see how every purchase can help save a life.

Kids Can Help Too!

There are few things more inspiring that a child using a lemonade stand to raise money for animals, or asking that his or her friends bring donatable items in lieu of gifts for a birthday party. These are just a few of the activities that kids can do to help provide care to a cat, dog, or small animal at the Edmonton Humane Society. To learn more about ways in which kids can help EHS animals, contact our Education department.  

Canadian Tire Money

Our maintenance team is always hard at work, keeping our world-class animal shelter beautiful and fully operational. We welcome donations of Canadian Tire Money to help offset the cost of tools and materials that keep the Edmonton Humane Society looking great. Donations of Canadian Tire Money can be made at our adoptions desk or directly to a representative in our Fund Development department. For more information, drop us a line

Where your Donation Goes

Helping our shelter animals find their forever homes.

Edmonton Humane Society Lottery

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