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Special Programs

Fees are waived for cat adoptions in these categories. All of these special adoptions include health check, spay or neuter, microchip and first vaccinations.

Senior for Senior - Cattitude Cats - Barn Buddies

Before you Adopt

Pet adoption is a big commitment. We encourage you to spend considerable time thinking about and researching the type of pet most suitable to your family. Most breeds have their own characteristic traits and specific needs which need to be considered. Remember that some animals have lifespans of 20 years or more.

Adoption Process

Take one of our Animal 101 Learning Seminars! 

These courses will teach you how to care for your new pet. Topics include supplies needed, diet & nutrition, behaviour & body language, medical topics, and more!

The Edmonton Humane Society's adoption fees help to offset the cost of providing food and water, as well as clean and enriching housing, behaviour modification, training and enrichment, and veterinary care for the animals in our care.

By adopting from the EHS, you are not only completing your family by providing a home for a companion animal in need, you are also supporting the work we do to help the thousands of animals that come into our care each year - thank you!


Filling out our forms beforehand can help speed up the adoption process when you arrive at the shelter.

*Please note: you MUST come to the shelter IN PERSON to meet the animal.

Pre-Adoption Form Adoption Commitment Form