Report Animal Concerns

Alberta has two pieces of legislation to help protect animals from neglect, abandonment and abuse.

The Animal Protection Act of Alberta (APA) prohibits causing or permitting animals to be in distress. The Act specifies that a person who owns or is in charge of an animal must provide adequate food and water, adequate care when wounded or ill, reasonable protection from injurious heat or cold, and adequate shelter, ventilation and space. The Act also prohibits the abandonment of animals, which includes leaving an animal for more than 24 hours without adequate food, water or shelter, leaving it for more than 5 days after the expected retrieval time from a registered veterinarian, stable/boarding facility or caretaker, and leaving an animal on a premise where the tenancy agreement has been terminated. The maximum penalty for those found guilty under the APA is up to a $20,000 fine or a lifetime prohibition on owning animals.

The Criminal Code of Canada prohibits wilfully causing or, being the owner, wilfully permitting to be caused unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal or a bird. This includes fighting or baiting, poisoning, and participating in the shooting of captive birds when liberated. The maximum penalty for those found guilty under the Criminal Code is imprisonment for a term up to 5 years or a fine of up to $10,000 and imprisonment for up to 18 months.

In order for a Peace Officer to investigate a complaint, please make sure you have the following information when you make a report:

  • The date and time the concern was witnessed.
  • An address for where the animal is located.
  • The details of the concern.

Different agencies will investigate concerns for animals based on the location of the animal, the type of animal, and the nature of the concern. Please use the table below to determine who to call.

Who To Call

For concerns within Edmonton

AgencyConcerns InvestigatedContact Info
City of EdmontonInvestigates concerns within Edmonton that fall under the Animal Protection Act of Alberta, including:
  • Neglect
    • Inadequate food or water
    • Inadequate care when an animal is wounded or ill
    • Inadequate shelter or protection from injurious heat or cold
    • Inadequate ventilation or space
  • Abandonment of an animal

Provides shelter for stray pets found within Edmonton, and investigates concerns under the City of Edmonton’s Animals Licensing and Control Bylaw, including:
  • Pet licensing
  • Excessive barking
  • Too many pets
    • A maximum of 3 dogs and 6 cats can be kept at one address
  • Aggressive dogs or dog bite incidents
311 (in Edmonton) or 780-442-5311 (from outside Edmonton)
Edmonton Police ServiceInvestigates concerns of intentional harm to animals under the Criminal Code of Canada, including:
  • Threats to harm or kill an animal
  • Abusing an animal
  • Pets left in hot or cold vehicles
  • Poisoning concerns
  • After-hours coverage for concerns for animals in immediate danger, when Animal Control Officers cannot be reached
780-423-4567, #377 from mobile, or 911 (in an emergency)

For concerns outside Edmonton

AgencyConcerns InvestigatedContact Info
Calgary Humane SocietyInvestigates concerns of neglect or abandonment within the city of Calgary that fall under the Animal Protection Act of Alberta.403-205-4455
Alberta SPCAInvestigates concerns of neglect or distress for animals in Alberta (including companion animals and livestock) outside of Edmonton or Calgary.1-800-455-9003
RCMPInvestigates concerns of intentional harm to animals under the Criminal Code of Canada, outside of Edmonton or Calgary.911 or contact local detachment

For wildlife concerns:

AgencyConcerns InvestigatedContact Info
WILDNorthInjured or orphaned wildlife found in Edmonton or surrounding areas.780-914-4118 or Visit Website
Alberta Fish & WildlifeDangerous wildlife or poaching.310-0000 or Find Local Office