Our Board of Directors

Who we are:

We are individuals passionate about contributing to the Society’s values, mission, goals and objectives of enriching the lives of people and companion animals through animal sheltering, programs and services, and community engagement.

About the Board:

Each board member is elected to a two year term, with the option to renew for a maximum of three additional terms (total 8 years).  As Board vacancies occur, new directors are elected by the EHS membership at the Annual General Meeting.  The Board conducts its work through three groups: Finance and Audit Committee, Governance and Humane Resources Committee, and an External Relations Advisory Panel.

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Board Chair

Jennifer Fisk

Connect with Jennifer:

Having always held a love for both companion and wild animals, Jennifer joined EHS as an opportunity to combine this passion with her past board experience and help her community. With over 20 years experience in nonprofit board directorship as well as a background in communications and marketing, Jennifer is committed to working with fellow board members to advance the organization as the Board Chair.

Gathering information to make informed decisions and not afraid to ask hard questions, Jennifer leverages her knowledge and skills from experience with her own communications firm to add a valuable perspective to discussions.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her partner in Brisco Mountain, BC walking their chocolate Labrador puppy, Tucker. In recent years her family has developed an increasing interest in learning more about the wild animals around them such as bears, elk, cougars, and more.

Vice Chair

Lorenzo Pasutto

Connect with Lorenzo:

Since joining the EHS board, Lorenzo remains dedicated to advancing humane education and community engagement while considering supports for the long-term financial viability of the organization. He is drawn by his desire to contribute to a longstanding pillar of the community in an area of personal interest that enriches so many lives.

Bringing experience as a management consultant, working collaboratively to identify and solve complex organizational issues across several industries, Lorenzo adds valuable perspective and skills to the collective wealth of the EHS Board of Directors. His ingenuity as the founder of a technology company working with Artificial Intelligence and focused on gauging customer satisfaction provide a unique view of data analytics.

Lorenzo believes his love of animals began after seeing “The Velveteen Rabbit” as a child and shortly after adopting a stuffy he lovingly named “Bunny Rubble”. He currently spends as much time as possible saving his yard from his rambunctious and truffle-seeking Lagotto Romagnolo puppy.

Second Vice Chair & Secretary

Dale Wispinski

Connect with Dale:

Dale was drawn to join the EHS Board because of their commitment to enriching the lives of people and companion animals, as well as its longstanding contributions to the community. With an education in communications and law, Dale is passionate about helping others and currently holds the position as the CEO and Chief Appeals Commissioner with the Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers’ Compensation.

Her extensive legal background is a valuable addition to the EHS Board as is her commitment to supporting the organization in achieving its vision, mission, and strategic goals while playing a part in sharing the exceptional work that the EHS does.

Dale grew up with family dogs and has had a soft spot for animals since. When enjoying leisure time, she can be found on long nature walks – exploring the mountains with Stephen, her Australian Labradoodle.


Lori Sajjad

Connect with Lori:

As a long term donor to EHS and lifelong animal lover, Lori joined the Board of Directors in 2019 with a desire to support the evolving framework for planning, measuring, and reporting that drive the important work the organization does. Lori’s perspective as a CPA, CMA providing Interim Controller services as well as previous board experience for the Alberta Registered Nurses Education Trust and YWCA, provides valuable input towards many facets including finance, procurement, strategic planning, and policies.

Growing up on a farm with horses, cattle, cats, and dogs as friends and companions, her compassion for animals continues with her work at EHS. Opening her own home to a wide range of domestic pets throughout her life, Lori has also found the valuable experience in working on agility and championship training with her own dogs.

When not leveraging her broad skill set and experience in key facets of an organization, Lori can be found spending time with her family, including her Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier named Indy. Lori also enjoys training and being active outdoors with gardening, golf, cycling, travel, and spending time in good company.


Amanda Pechousek

Connect with Amanda:

Amanda’s love for animals is what initially drew her to EHS. After learning more about the organization’s goal to not only provide basic food and shelter but their dedication to improve the relationships between companion animals and the community, she has been part of the Board of Directors for over two years.

Participating and helping advise on several other boards since 2014 along with her experience as a Chartered Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner, Amanda brings a unique perspective on risk mitigation. With specializations in forensic investigations, fraud awareness training, anti-fraud/anti-corruption programs and controls, and litigation/dispute services, she desires to help position the organization as the new standard for animal welfare and build upon its great reputation.

Camping since she could crawl, Amanda’s appreciation for animals began at a young age. Currently, the proud pet guardian of two rambunctious Maine Coon cats, Gir and Mini Moose, she enjoys spending spare time drawing, kayaking, and on camping trips with her husband and their family’s newest camper – their young son.


Summer Bradko

Connect with Summer:

Joining the EHS Board in 2017, Summer has worked diligently with EHS team to help develop and implement the current five-year strategic plan, intending to advance advocacy for animal welfare. Her passion for workplace fairness and ethics has been a powerful guiding force as the former Chair of the EHS Board of Directors. She feels great pride in the EHS and its leadership team and the critical role they play in the community.

As a former director of human resources for a national company and the current Associate General Counsel for Canadian Western Bank, Summer brings both HR and legal experience to the EHS and has an extensive background in board governance. Summer has both a business and law degree from the University of Alberta and is a lifelong Edmontonian.

Having been an animal lover since she was old enough to chase the family cat, Summer and her family share an important connection to the EHS and have adopted many animal companions over the years. Summer enjoys spending time with her young daughter as well as the family’s very pampered cat named Mini and mischievous dog named Jax.


Dr. Ted Purcell

Connect with Ted:

Dr. Purcell recently retired after a wonderful 38-year career as a veterinarian and co-owner of the Hermitage Veterinary Hospital in Edmonton. His volunteer experience with the Edmonton Humane Society is extensive and began early in his professional career. Over the years, Dr. Purcell has assisted in the areas of humane education and communications. His interests in animal welfare and education have led to invitations to lecture a pre-and post-secondary institution. Most recently, Dr. Purcell served on the Board of Directors of the Glenrose Rehabilitations Hospital Foundation, the Alberta Cerebral Palsy Sports Association, and the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society.

Dr. Purcell is passionate about public education and the stewardship of animals. He looks forward to the opportunity to share his passion and experiences as a member of the EHS Board of Directors. Dr. Purcell continues to support EHS in its mission to advancing and promoting the wellbeing of all animals in our community.


Onita Blankenfeldt

Connect with Onita:

Onita joined the board after being drawn by the meaningful local impact that EHS has in the Edmonton region for both people and pets. She seeks to leverage her skills and network of connections to assist EHS to achieve its mission with her experience as a seasoned business development executive and a previous member of the Goodwill Board of Directors.

Onita holds an MBA and is currently an instructor at the University of Alberta’s School of Business where she continues to pursue her passion for supporting the knowledge and growth of others.

Not able to recall a time in her life where she didn’t have a furry or feathered friend by her side, Onita loves spending time with her two Terrier crosses, Fresno (an EHS alumni originally part of the California Cuties initiative) and Archie. Onita also enjoys rejuvenating old spaces, and on sunny days she can be found bird watching or playing golf.


Sabrina Feula

Connect with Sabrina:

Sabrina brings her passion for animals along with her desire to make a positive impact in the lives of the animals that the Edmonton Humane Society serves and advocates for. Passionate about helping others and giving back to the community, she currently holds the position of Senior Manager, Employer Services at Prospect Human Services.

Her extensive background in engagement and partnership development will be a valuable addition to the EHS Board, as is her commitment to supporting the organization and sharing the exceptional work EHS does.

Sabrina enjoys farmers markets, photography, reading and exploring the Edmonton River Valley with her family during her free time. She currently fosters and rehabilitates senior rescue dogs through ARTS senior Animal Rescue.


Allison Radford

Connect with Allison:

Several years ago, when Allison brought her youngest puppy to EHS for training, she discovered an opportunity to unite with an organization that shared her passion for animal advocacy and desire to help. Bringing her perspective from corporate governance, finance, and operations experience, Allison also has experience from sitting on past audit committees for other boards she has served.

With an accounting background and extensive operational experience, her ability to analyze items from both perspectives serve her well in contributing to EHS Board decisions.

Outside of work hours, Allison spends her time reading or outdoors with her family including thee wonderful Labradors: Zoe, a nine-year-old chocolate with a tail that never stops, Ansley, an eight-year-old fox red lab who wants everyone to be happy, and last but not least, Nacho, a four-year-old chocolate who still acts like a puppy.


Dan Hugo

Connect with Dan:

Dan is an experienced financial executive with more than 30 years with companies such as Bank of America, Capital One, and eBay. He has established a reputation as a sage business advisor who balances longer-term strategic objectives with shorter-term operational needs.

One of Dan’s core beliefs is that it is important to give back and support his community; he values making a difference in a positive and authentic manner. Dan previously served as a Chair of the Board of Directors for the Humane Society of Charlotte, North Carolina, where he and his wife, Marleen, were actively involved with animal welfare. They are also a committed pug family, providing a home for pugs that have challenges being adopted due to their age or special medical needs.


Jill Sarluis

After being a member of the EHS Board since 2018, Jill continues to be inspired by EHS’ work to assist pets facing homelessness and the many opportunities to connect people with companion animals. As the owner of a local insurance brokerage, she adds a strong understanding of the many risks organizations must consider in operating and seeks to help in that guidance.

Jill’s strong desire to make a positive impact is evident through many years of previous work with the Pilgrims Hospice, and she continues to help others through her support of EHS.

Having grown up with many family pets, Jill continues this legacy as the proud pet guardian of two cats and a dog. Jill’s favorite way to spend free time is with her family, or working away on a new sewing or gardening project.


Patricia Misutka

Connect with Patricia:

Patrica’s love of animals and admiration for an organization that protects the most vulnerable motivated her to get involved with EHS. Seeing the potential to support EHS’ stakeholder engagement efforts, she’s also interested in opportunities to reach new communities with the mobile spay/neuter clinic.

As Chief Operating Officer for Imperial Equities, Patricia brings a wealth of governance and business capacity to her role with the EHS Board of Directors. Her experience as a strategist, former Principal Secretary to a Premier, and Chief of Staff to a former Mayor of Edmonton are a testament to her abilities to build strong relationships and connections within multiple communities and organizations. During her time as the Executive Director for the Glenrose Hospital Foundation, Patricia further expanded her knowledge with fundraising and supporting volunteer boards.

Patricia has always adored animals and currently spends time with Winston, a three-year old Jack Russell Terrier, being outdoors and learning to play flyball.

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