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Reclaiming your pets from EHS

Lost animals can be reclaimed from the Edmonton Humane Society during regular business hours (please see page footer). When claiming an animal, please be sure to bring any identification that might help you reunite with your animal. If your animal has be here longer that the established stray holding period for that animal, then he/he may have received veterinary care and adoption fees will apply...

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Trap-Neuter-Return program 

What are feral cats?

  • homeless cats who are largely outdoor cats
  • minimal contact and socialization with people
  • not likely to become companion animals
  • kittens of feral cats may become socialized

*EHS recommends the Trap-Neuter-Return program for healthy feral cats. It is the humane way to help prevent unwanted litters and help combat pet overpopulation.

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Kitten Co-Op Program

If you've found stray kittens or have a litter to surrender, help care for them in your home until they're ready for spay/neuter surgery with Kitten Co-Op. This innovative community program gives you the opportunity to collaborate with us and be part of the solution in saving the lives of homeless kittens. 

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