Activities & Resources For All Ages!

Humane Education empowers people of all ages to grow by engaging them with programs that range from animal care & protection, environmental preservation, interpersonal relationship building, to human rights. By providing opportunities and experiences that support the development of a strong community,  passionate about animal welfare — we work together to build a safer and richer environment for all!

Check out our D-I-Y games, resources, and video series for cool activities you can do anytime by scrolling below! 

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General Videos & Small Animal Enrichments

Separation Anxiety in Pets

Download Pet Separation Anxiety Tips

Hamster Facts & Building A Maze

Download Hamster Facts & Maze Guide

Five Fun Outdoor Games!

Download 5 Outdoor Games Instructions

Make a Puzzle-Feeder

Download Puzzle Feeder Instructions

Make a Bird Feeder

Download Bird Feeder Instructions

Photos of completed bird-feeders were used with permission from Fire Flies & Mud Pies

Make a Pet Bookmark

Download Pet Bookmark Template & Instructions

Make a Bunny Ball

Download Criss-Cross Bunny Ball Instructions

Make Fluffy Slime

Download Fluffy Slime Instructions

Make Snow Paint

Download Snow Paint Instructions

Build Bunny Towers

Download Bunny Tower Instructions

Outdoor Pet Safety

Download Our Outdoor Pet Safety Tips

Dog Enrichment Videos

Make A Stuffed Kong

Download Stuffed Kong Instructions

Make A Pup-sicle

Download Pupsicle Instructions

Make a Tug-Toy

Download Tug Toy Instructions

Make a Snuffle Mat

Download Snuffle Mat Instructions

Make Cranberry Dog Biscuits

Download Cranberry Dog Biscuit Instructions

Cat Enrichment Videos

Make A Cat Scratch Pad

Download Cat Scratch Pad Instructions

Make a Cat Treat Roll

Download Cat Treat Roll Instructions

Why do Cat’s Eyes Glow?

Why Do Cat’s Eyes Glow? Experiment Guide

Make A No-Sew Pet Bed

Download The No-Sew Pet Bed Instructions

Make A Cat-sicle!

Download Cat-sicle Instructions

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