From nervous and scared, to courageous canine.

From nervous and scared, to courageous canine.

When Autumn first came to us, she was nervous and scared. Autumn had a broken tooth, a misaligned jaw, and only one eye.

You see, when Autumn first met dog-walking volunteers Kelsey and Khanh, she was fearful. She refused to come out of her bed. But eventually, she collected her favourite toy, a little pink rubber bone. She crawled across the floor, tail between her legs to meet her volunteers. And even then refused to go for a walk.

From that moment, our dear volunteers made it their goal to get to know Autumn. As the weeks went by, Autumn became excited when she saw them.

Autumn eventually had a meet and greet booked with a potential adopter, so Kelsey and Khanh decided to foster her the night before her meeting to say goodbye. They played, laughed, and cuddled that night, and they fell in love.

The next day was bittersweet because Autumn was adopted. And as volunteers, Kelsey and Khanh felt happy for her, but they wished they were the ones bringing Autumn home permanently.

Then, a few days later, Kelsey received a call. Autumn’s adoption didn’t work out. Would they like to adopt? Without hesitation, she said “yes.” And to welcome Autumn into her new home, they gave her a brand new pink bone – her favourite toy!

You know, a lot of things in life are simply luck. Autumn was lucky that kind people fell in love with her.

Oh, and one more thing.

Remember how Autumn was shy and scared? We enrolled her in our Creating Courageous Canines class. And today, Autumn is a confident, cheerful dog. She makes people happy and reduces their stress. It’s a lesson for all of us. Love helps us heal from our wounds.