Every dog deserves love.

Every dog deserves love.

When Sampson came to our shelter, he was in terrible shape. He had lost much of his fur and had scabs all over his body.

But Sampson was a good dog.

Despite his suffering, he was always gentle. And because of you and generous supporters – our team was ready to jump into action.

Sampson’s appetite was poor, but our medical team discovered that Sampson was a social eater. He did a much better job eating food when a staff member or volunteer sat with him. So, of course, we sat with him.

Sampson is gorgeous. He wears these pajamas to keep warm and to give his skin a chance to heal. He’ll require lifelong medication and regular bloodwork to stay healthy. But he is a happy dog, and he’s alive today because of donors like you.

And as his medication began to work, his appetite improved. We then took the next step: finding a loving foster family for Sampson.

A wonderful family opened their home and hearts to Sampson, fostering him for a month until he finally found his forever home. Happily, Sampson has been adopted, and is doing better than ever.