It takes approximately 7 million dollars to keep the Edmonton Humane Society operational for one year and 40% of these funds come from generous donations made by supporters like you.

Surrendering A Pet

We understand that your relationship with your pet can be challenging. Fortunately, many of these difficulties can be addressed with the right interventions. Before surrendering your pet, please call us at 780-229-2935 to discuss possible solutions.

Trap-Neuter-Return Programs

The EHS offers neutering services for feral cats also known as homeless cats that are largely outdoor cats, have minimal contact and socialization with people, and are not likely to become companion animals. The TNR program is a humane way of preventing unwanted litters and help combat pet overpopulation


The PALS (Prevent Another Litter Subsidy) program is offered by the EHS to reduce our community’s homeless pet population by assisting people who do not have the financial ability to spay or neuter their animals. Citizens of Edmonton and surrounding communities with low income can apply to have their dog(s) and/or cat(s) spayed/neutered through PALS, and pay only the administration fee.


The Edmonton Humane Society offers both private and general cremation services. To book our private cremation services, please call 780-491-3522.

Bingo’s Pet Shop

Bingo’s Pet Shop is open in-shelter and online, offering wide range of products including food, toys, pet care supplies, and more at comparable prices. The purr-fect place for pet owners to buy all the essentials for your furry friends and part? All proceeds from sales go back into the shelter!

Dog Wash

Our Muddy Paws Self-serve Dog Wash is ideal for anyone who wants to give their pet a great scrub down, while helping the Edmonton Humane Society at the same time. The facility is fully stocked with shampoos, flea and tick wash, conditioners, towels, dryers and a grooming table.

Central Bark

Central Bark is Edmonton’s only gated dog park exclusive to membership holders. Approximately three acres in size, the park is separated into two play areas: one for dogs who like to socialize and play with dogs all shapes and sizes; and one for small dogs who aren’t comfortable playing with the larger dogs.


The Edmonton Humane Society has a variety of spaces available to rent for corporate events, meetings, training sessions and birthday parties.

EHS Membership

Sign up for an EHS membership and enjoy the benefits while supporting animals in our community.

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Other Ways To Support

A very special part of being the beneficiary of our community’s generous support are all the clever and creative ways that people find to support the thousands of animals we care for each year. See more creative ways of how people are doing their part to help animals in our community.

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