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Surrendering A Pet & Admitting Lost/Stray Animals 

Please call 780-491-3522 to schedule an appointment for all pets and stray animals. We advise you to leave healthy stray cats found outside city limits where they are. If the animal is injured or out in extreme conditions, please call the Edmonton Humane Society. Appointments are scheduled on Sundays and Tuesday through Thursday, to ensure you recieve the best possible service and that we are prepared to give the animal compassionate and humane care upon its arrival. For strays within city limits, contact Animal Care and Control by dialing 311. 

We understand that surrendering your pet(s) can be a very difficult decision.

  • When you call, our staff will provide you with tips and options. If surrendering seems like the best option, you may schedule an admission appointment.
  • If you are considering surrendering your pet due to behavioural concerns, EHS can offer resources to help modify the behaviour (such as classes through our Canine Enrichment Centre training facility). 
  • Fill out the appropriate questionnaire online before your appointment.
  • Bring your pet, the completed questionnaire, and any veterinary records, to your scheduled appointment.
  • If your pet has any identification (i.e. microchip or tattoo), ensure that it is up-to-date and in your name OR you have written permission from the registered owner to surrender.
  • Surrender fees apply to each pet brought to the shelter. Fees are varied dependent upon the animal.
  • If your pet has bitten with puncture in the past 10 days, please inform staff at the time of appointment booking.

What happens to my pet after I surrender to the Edmonton Humane Society?

  • Your pet will go through medical and behavioural assessments within the first 24 hours of admission to determine suitability for adoption. 
  • We do not euthanize for time or space. As long as your pet remains happy and healthy in the shelter, your pet will remain available for adoption indefinitely.
  • If your pet is not suitable for our regular adoption program, it may be transferred to another rescue agency. The Edmonton Humane Society is partnered with over 100 animal welfare organizations.
  • Once an animal is surrendered to the Edmonton Humane Society, we cannot release outcomes of the animal to you or your family members.


Filling out our forms beforehand can help speed up the admission process when you arrive at the shelter.

Dog Surrender Questionnaire Cat Questionnaire