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2311, 2023

Make an Impact This #GivingTuesday

By |November 23, 2023|

On Tuesday, November 28, the Edmonton Humane Society is joining #GivingTuesday – a global movement to inspire people to give back to the causes they feel passionate about.

Each and every day homeless, neglected and abandoned companion animals enter our doors in need of a warm, safe space and compassionate care until they can find their new families. By making a gift this #GivingTuesday, you can make a difference in their lives and the families who give them a home.

Each gift will make a difference in the lives of animals, like Gigi…

With a gentle […]

2909, 2023

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

By |September 29, 2023|

September 30 is National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. This federal statutory holiday was created in response to Call to Action 80, honouring the Survivors, their families, communities, and those affected by residential schools. We acknowledge that systemic discrimination and trauma are continually present in the lives of Indigenous Peoples. The Edmonton Humane Society’s Administrative offices will be closed on Monday, October 2 in observance of this day.

As an organization, we have been reflecting and learning about the important history and path forward for truth and reconciliation in Canada, and we encourage our supporters to do the same with […]

2909, 2023

How to Plan a Pet Safe Halloween

By |September 29, 2023|

Updated: September 26, 2023

Like many holidays, Halloween’s a great excuse to stock up on sweets and treats. Having all of these extra goodies around is not only a major temptation to people, but also our pets. As our friend Dr. Ted Purcell says, “Have a plan for today!”

“Treats and candies are not safe in a bag on the floor, a chair or bench – you need to be very mindful on Halloween, not just during, but also before and after.”

Beware of These Halloween Hazards for Pets

Here are some things for pet guardians to keep […]

2308, 2023

A Guide to Getting Your Home Ready for Visually Impaired Pets

By |August 23, 2023|

Animals are adept at using multiple senses. Dogs and cats rely heavily on their sense of smell and hearing to navigate their surroundings, so by making use of these senses, we can help our pets feel safe while familiarizing themselves with their new home.

Practicing patience and keeping your home environment consistent are important when working with your visually impaired pet. It can take a new pet months to adjust and learn where things are in their new surroundings.

Visually impaired companion animals can live a full and happy life with you. In this guide we’ll provide some tips to help your […]

1206, 2023

Collaborative Leadership in Animal Welfare

By |June 12, 2023|

Meaningful change within animal welfare requires skilled and collaborative leadership.

But what if those in leadership don’t have an animal welfare background? How much of a difference can they make?

In truth, a transformative difference.

Transformative Difference

For over 20 years, Liza Sunley, EHS CEO, has dedicated her career to understanding the underpinnings of organizational success within the charitable sector. In other words, she has become an expert in building successful organizations, based on the foundational pieces supporting the mission and long-term growth of an organization.

These foundational pieces include long-term strategies, programming, finance, fundraising, governance and human resources.

Organizations […]