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Donation Information

In one year, it takes approximately 7 million dollars to keep the Edmonton Humane Society operational. 40% of these funds come from generous donations made by supporters like you.

Where does your tax deductible donation go?

Donate in Memory or Honour of

  • People can make donations in memory or honour of people or pets.
  • A card/ acknowledgement of the donation will be mailed to the person or family of your choice as long as we are provided with their mailing address.
  • People that make donations of $10 or more will be provided with a charitable tax receipt in your name and mailed to you within 4 to 8 weeks.
  • Memorial/honour Donations can be made by:
    •  sending payment in the mail along with a note with the memorial/honour information to 13620 163 St NW, Edmonton AB T5V 0B2.
    • calling the Fund Development office directly at (780) 491-3507 and giving your credit card and memorial/honour information over the phone.
    • online using your credit card. After you provide your personal information, there will be a page to fill out memorial/honour information.
    • coming to the shelter and making the donation in person. 

Monthly Donations

It's hard to believe anyone could bring harm to a helpless animal, but it happens frequently and that's why we need your help. By joining the Edmonton Humane Society’s PAWS Program you'll help rescue animals, and provide them shelter, food and medical care. Please be an animal angel and join our monthly giving team.

PAWS Monthly Donation PAWS Monthly Donation FAQ




Fundraising Policies

At EHS, we strive to uphold the highest standards in integrity and stewardship. Find out more in our Fundraising Policies.

EHS has a Complaints Resolution Policy in place to ensure our donors concerns are addressed in an open and transparent manner.

Our donors trust us with their information and we take that seriously. The EHS Privacy Policy helps outline how we meet this commitment.